CFO Office - Business Finance Consulting Services


Sitco Partners is developing and implementing Business Finances and Administrative solutions in order to introduce and running day to day business for the overall management decision. 3 methods are designed for:


The financial planning and strategic growth plan
The performance control and monitoring
Cost and revenue efficiency initiatives and optimisation of resources

We support our clients in all business steps of transformation. The deployed tools that will allow to reach their objectives are the process known from the world of entreprise, optimised and implemented for you and throughout your structure.

The process is based on 6 main steps of running business and start by setting up of the financial planning and Key Performance Indicators, followed by the reporting of financial results, their controls and constant forecasts.

The business running tools are called the Business Plan, Budget, Reporting, Control and Forecast to emphasis the need of optimisation and rationalisation plans.


1. Set Up the historical and current financial data
2. Set Up Yearly Budget and 3 Year Business Plan including KPIs

3. Set Up Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Control processes
4. Set Up Yearly, Quarterly and Monthy Forecast
5. Set Up Profitability Tracking and Reporting
6. Propose Cost and Revenue efficiency initiatives and Margin improvement plans


Direct optimization of resources to start or complete the role of the CFO Office are proposed:


7. Outsourcing/Implant of your accounting, tax, billing, payroll, purchasing & administrative tasks

Our fees are very attractive and will be based on an analysis of your expectations and objectives to reach. We are proposing a specific or bundled Packs according to our solutions above.

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M&A - Business Valuation Consulting Services


SitCo Partners developed 3 Services of Merger et Acquisition specifically focused on the Business Valuation models, support the overall process of the transaction and to acquire or sell businesses.

We provide support to valuate businesses, establish letter of Intention (LOI), the due diligence steps, the négotiation up to the signature of the transaction. We use the method of valuation "Discounted Cash Flow" from a high level perspective to guarantee a justified entreprise value.

1. Business Valuation Services (small, medium and extended business services) 

2. Transaction Process Services (Complete transaction process support)

3. Enterpise Search (Identify entreprise to sell/Buy)